Marine Survey / Hydrographic Survey

Capital Surveys providing vast range of services in marine surveys which includes hydrographic and marine geophysical surveys, oceanographic investigation, diving and coastal engineering services. We are providing high proficient services with our advanced methodology, proven technology and highly experienced personnel.

Bathymetry :

  • Depth measurements
  • Volume estimation
  • Dredging monitoring surveys

Sonar Imaging :

  • Cable and pipeline route identification
  • Fallen objects/debris and lost anchor recovery
  • Seafloor imaging
  • Seabed sediment distribution

Sub-bottom Profiling :

  • Delineation of sediment layers
  • Buried pipeline/objects
  • Subsurface geology

Oceanographic Surveying :

  • Ocean current measurements
  • Tide measurements
  • Wave measurements
  • Physical and chemical parameters of seawater
  • Site Assessment

Underwater services :

  • Diving inspection
  • ROV
  • Underwater Photography/Videography

Coastal Engineering consultancy services :

  • Designing of intake and outfall pipeline
  • Shoreline monitoring
  • Construction of coastal structures like Jetty, Groins, Sheet Piling, etc.

Major Projects

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Geotechnical Investigation & Topographic Survey Geotechnical Investigation.

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Sea Water Intake - 3

Bathymetric & Topographic Survey Geotechnical Investigation & Topographic Survey.

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Reclamanation Work for Mina Zayed

Offshore Geotechnical Investigation & Marine Geophysical Survey.

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Manhole Inventory & Topographic Survey

Inventory Survey of Manhole and Topographic Survey

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Dubai Creek

Bathymetric, Seabed Sonar Imaging & Current Measurements

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Western Region Municipality

Bathymetric & Topographic Survey Geotechnical Investigation & Topographic Survey

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EMAL Smelter Complex

Geotechnical Investigation & Topographic Survey Geotechnical Investigation

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