GIS Services

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is one of the best tools currently available for managing geographic information. It is estimated that about 85% of the information managed by cities and counties is geographically referenced (i.e. located on the Earth) in some way, such as the location of a building shown on a map. Examples of geographic information are addresses, parcels, school district boundaries, a road network, land use patterns, buildings, and utility locations.

Capital Surveys offers a complete line of GIS data development and conversion services. GIS feature classes and datasets can be constructed according to client specifications, or GIS Group can provide a comprehensive set of attributes that follow industry standards. All feature attributes can be customized to meet our client needs.

GIS data can be provided in all ESRI Formats; SDE, Personal Geodatabases, File Geodatabases and Shapefiles. In addition, we can export your GIS data to alternate CAD formats. All GIS datasets are constructed with FDGC compliant metadata provided as part of the project deliverables.

  • Data Conversion Specifications
  • Document flow control
  • Supervision of data conversions
  • Problem Resolution Procedures
  • Data Capture from hardcopy procedure
  • CAD to GIS Conversion procedure.
  • Preparation of QA/QC policies and procedures.
  • Data Entry Services including keyboard data entry, digitizing, scanning, coordinated geometry (COGO), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and other data entry means.

Capital Surveys can use geographic information system (GIS) data and map programs to make your maps more informative and accurate. The map data can be manipulated to output tables, charts, and legends from your map.

Capital Surveys can make maps with different types of layering including vector map data, raster, air photo, shaded relief, DEM, and other new popular formats. We have years of experience in customizing GIS digital maps for your needs.

Capital Surveys helps its customers with different backgrounds to solve a variety of problems using GIS technology :

  • Property development organizations for community and infrastructure management
  • Survey organization for maintaining national digital land database
  • Telecom companies for planning and engineering network facilities
  • Municipalities for managing land parcels and designing urban and regional development plans
  • Police departments for tracking patrol vehicles using AVL & GPS technology
  • Oil companies for the mapping and management of offshore platforms and pipelines
  • Petroleum companies for health, safety, and environmental applications
  • Utility companies for managing electricity, water, gas, and sewer facilities
  • Consulting engineering firms for hydrological modeling and sewerage planning
  • Business establishments for enhancing customer services
  • Universities and higher educational institutes for teaching and research
  • Geological survey organization for ground water assessment
  • National agency for environmental research and wildlife development

Major Projects

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Geotechnical Investigation & Topographic Survey Geotechnical Investigation.

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Sea Water Intake - 3

Bathymetric & Topographic Survey Geotechnical Investigation & Topographic Survey.

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Reclamanation Work for Mina Zayed

Offshore Geotechnical Investigation & Marine Geophysical Survey.

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Manhole Inventory & Topographic Survey

Inventory Survey of Manhole and Topographic Survey

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Dubai Creek

Bathymetric, Seabed Sonar Imaging & Current Measurements

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Western Region Municipality

Bathymetric & Topographic Survey Geotechnical Investigation & Topographic Survey

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EMAL Smelter Complex

Geotechnical Investigation & Topographic Survey Geotechnical Investigation

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