The main services offered by Capital Surveys

  • Geotechnical services – We have high qualified geotechnical engineers, lab
    technicians, geologists, and drillers who are able to take up any task
    assigned to them. The department of geotechnical engineering uses the
    latest technology equipment for drilling and also has the latest laboratory
    equipment for the best soil and material testing. This department is
    responsible for field test, laboratory test (water, rock, soil, and aggregate),
    and concrete test.
  • Geophysical survey – when it comes to geophysical surveys, We have
    experience and experts in utilities and cavities investigations. This
    department deals with electromagnetic surveying, Electrical Resistivity
    Tomography, Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) Services, Cross hole and
    down hole tomography. This department also uses advanced software and
    the latest technologies in acquiring data, processing, and interpretation of
    the surveys.
  • Hydrographic survey – hydrographic department deals with marine services
    just like the name suggests. Capital Surveys provides services like coastal
    and diving engineering services, marine geophysical services, and
    oceanographic investigation. We also have high experienced personnel and proven technology that enables the hydrographic team to offer the best
    and reliable services.
  • 3D laser scanning – Capital Surveys uses the 3D laser Scanning technology
    to capture physical objects in their exact size and shape. By so doing, the
    company is able to provide most correct and reliable investigation results.
    The company has in-house engineers and technicians who are able to
    produce custom services for projects.
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