Delivering Laboratory Expertise and Accuracy over 25 Years in UAE

CAPITAL SURVEY – Material Testing Laboratory, has designated centers of expertise to provide laboratory and field testing services to measure the conformance of the materials and construction of your project based on the project specifications. With 25 Years of Excellence in the Industry, our team will manage your project from the beginning to the end, encompassing everything from initial consultation to the final report.

Capital Survey Possess the capabilities of Testing Physical and Mechanical properties of construction / Road / Building Materials, Both field and laboratory to check the compliance with local/international/project specifications as per ASTM, AASHTO, BS, DIN standards and Most of the Tests are Accredited to ISO/ IEC 17025 : 2017. Our capabilities are demonstrated by the size and complexity of the projects that we have completed already and the clients we have served like ADNOC, Abu Dhabi Ports, Abu Dhabi Municipality, Emirates Link NITCO .ETC..

To provide our clients the best turn-around time for large projects, and to maintain efficiency in our materials testing services, we have Experts in the following Services that we rendering :-


  • Installation, setting up and maintenance of Site Laboratory based on projects
  • Concrete, Mortar mix design, Asphalt Sampling & Testing.
  • Mechanical and physical testing of ;

Asphalt & Bituminous Materials
Cement & Concrete
Interlocking Tiles
Stone, Rock & Raw Materials
Steel Rebar
Road marking Materials
Waterproofing Membrane
Polythene sheet
Ceramic tiles & Marbles
Joint Filler
Warning Tape
Fly Ash

  • Pile Integrity Testing, Vibration Monitoring.
  • Supervision of field concreting and quality control of projects.
  • Investigation and testing of building and road construction materials.
  • All Kind of Special Testing (ENAS Accredited) HDPE Pipe, UPVC Pipe, GRP Pipe, Geotextile, Bituminous Products, Fly Ash, Waterproofing Membrane,  Warning Tape ,Road Marking Materials, Polythene Sheet, Joint Filler.. ETC…
  • Testing of existing structure, using non-destructive or destructive methods.
  • Refractory Sample Testing.


Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis can be used to understand a product’s composition, identify a potential contaminant or discover the source of product failure. Capital Survey Laboratories provdes analytical chemistry studies to companies seeking scientific answers to difficult questions.

Capital Survey Laboratories analytical testing services are at the core of our scientific R&D solutions.  For almost 25 years Our Chemist team have been solving difficult industrial and commercial issues through analytical chemistry, providing chemical analysis and testing services for companies seeking answers to difficult problems like ;

  • Chemical analysis of soils and water for foundation design recommendations.
  • Chemical analysis of construction materials for quality control purposes

Bituminous Materials
Waterproofing Membrane
Ceramic Tiles
Ground Water
Mixed Water